The AHTIC Internet eXchange Point is the facility which keeps Haitian local Internet traffic in Haiti. It allows Haitian Internet Service Providers and content providers to easily exchange traffic via a switch fabric located in Boutilliers, without having to send their packet to their upstream provider to reach their local destination thus reducing their costs.

Established since 2008 as critical Internet Infrastructure, the AHTIC eXchange Point plays a key role by contributing to a more robust, secure and reliable Internet. Furthermore, with the installation of the DNS F-Root servers as part of the RAICES initiative and google global cache servers, end users experience very low latency to those services. The ultimate goal is to attract more and more contents providers (CDNs) including Haitian contents currently hosted outside of the country.

The eXchange is operated by Association Haitienne pour le developpement des Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication (AHTIC), which is a neutral, non-profit organization representing the interests of ISPs, telecommunication operators, Academic institutions and nd users.

What is an IXP and how it works